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Saturday, July 31, 2010

I'm soaking a basin full of antique linens, lace and doll clothes. They become yellowed with age.....

They clean up very nicely using this product called Vintage Soak!

You can order some here or find it at your local quilt shop, if you have some family treasures to enjoy!

Crafting and scrapbooking heritage....

This photo album belonged to my grandmother, Dora Schroeder. It is a beautiful album, made for photos which were rare and treasured items.

My grandmother and two of her brothers are in these photos. But what is the dark textile in the corner?

A pair of mittens knitted for my grandmother by her mother as a Christmas gift. The year was 1912. [Note: I had to lighten this in an attempt to make the decorative stitches around the cuff stand out. They are still hard to distinguish. The mittens are actually very black and probably seldom used...being saved for "best" and treasured as they were from her mother!]

Friday, July 30, 2010

Work in progress....a 5"X5" acrylic painting of figs and a landscape. I like this one which worked on in my spare time last week!

It is good to be home again....enjoying my garden and my friends here.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

"Stop the words now, open the window in the middle of your chest and let the spirit move in and out."---Rumi

******************************************************************************I read the quote above on my friend Macrina's Facebook page this morning, right after opening as many windows in this house as I can. The morning air is cool and wonderful. Later we are expecting a heat wave..


[Despite Rumi's advice, I shall have to resort to words for this post!]

I've been checking up and visiting friends from when I lived in Little Rock. A wonderful break from working on Mom's house!

My friend Sandra hosted me and the two blogging friends, Cindy and Vicki, who write "Stick Horse Cowgirls". What a lovely evening, enjoying conversation and food in the ambiance of artist Sandra's beautiful home! Thank-you ladies!


Then I checked on a friend who had once given me a wonderful birthday party [think an evening with everyone we knew, her fabulous homemade Middle eastern food, music, dancing and "cake blindness" from all those candles!] .... my friend Sandy.

That is when I learned that life moves us on....or rather sometimes brings us "full circle". When I rang the doorbell where Sandy once lived, it was answered (this time, I had stopped by from time to time and no one was ever home....the phone # no longer reached them) by the husband, Joe, who had lived there with her. I could tell that things were different....(hmmm Joe is getting gray, aren't we all!!!)...

They are now divorced and each has remarried. They parted on friendly terms, the children are grown. Sandy is now married to her high school sweetheart from Panama. [He had been attending the Catholic boarding school in Arkansas, Subiaco. Sandy was a student, in those days, at Mount St. Mary's high school for girls here in Little Rock. They met at a Subiaco dance where the girls came by bus from Little Rock. ]

After graduation, he had returned to Panama, they lost contact, she married Joe....

Maybe I will hear from Sandy one day, and learn how she found her lost love...I left my e-mail....meanwhile I know she has a good life, being an open and adventurous spirit!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Our recent heat wave caused some sun scald on my tomatoes, especially the Ananas Noir, which after all are from Belguim where it is cooler than Arkansas. SO, I had to pick a few before they were ripe and cut off the scalded parts. Not wanting to waste the rest of each large tomato, I researched a legendary recipe, "Fried Green Tomatoes". The result was that I found this video on line!
How to Make Fried Green Tomatoes

I love the directions and demonstrations he gives. I can do this and enjoy the process to making a wonderful summer treat (and again in the fall when frost threatens the tomatoes!)!

So, off to the kitchen to try this!
Later--wow! these are over-the-top delicious. Maybe it is his method, the wonderful (easy)sauce or my just waiting so long for lunch! LOL!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Journaling amidst morning breezes!

It is so good to be home this morning, outside my studio door with coffee and my journal.
The smudge tool was fun to use to add the visual morning breezes! The day will heat up later, but a new cool morning will be there tomorrow! I hope all of you find a refreshing place just to BE for a moment today!

[Fashion note LOL!: the floral T-shirt I am wearing is by Jim Thompson, my daughter brought it to me from her honeymoon trip to Thailand!]

Friday, July 23, 2010

A lovely baby's baptism certificate, in German....

baby clothes and sisters' shoes.....

one pair scuffed from the toddler Ella learning to walk...the pink pair never or lightly worn as baby Margaret died from Scarlet Fever....there really are some bittersweet moments to remember! [Those pennies were in the box with the pink shoes, 1921]

Thursday, July 22, 2010


A scanned collage of family photos, cards and letters from a box brought here from Mom's. If I haven't been blogging often or visiting your blogs this summer, it is because I have been on a trip to the past, making discoveries and spending wonderful time with people I love, my family!
Clearing out Mom's house, packing, sorting and moving a lifetime of memories has had my focus and energy. I have found some time to paint and will be back eventually with photos of my works. [Must remember to take the camera along when I go this time!]

Just home from over a week in Little Rock. I'm looking forward to a great evening with these 2 gentlemen, my hubby and friend Karen. We love this Midsomer Murders series (which we reserve through the library), not for the murder, but for the quaint village scenery and armchair travel.
An even greater surprise today, was that when I opened a package waiting here for me, my friend Sylvia had sent us a spare set of this! Thanks! Many hours of fun await!


The garden is really putting on tomatoes right now, so I headed out the back door and picked a lot. Some were almost overripe! One new (to me) heirloom this year is the "Ananas Noir" or "Black Pineapple" from Belgium. I don't see much black about it. Hmmm. It is supposed to be acidic and tart.
I think my favorite is still the "Cherokee Purple" for great taste! My "Purple Smudge" heirloom is very mild and non-acidic. Oh, I just love them all! With fresh basil, of course!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dear Readers, please go to Caribbean Destination Wedding Blog and read my daughter's post.
Then VOTE for her. The voting ends July 16th. You can vote every 4 hours and help her even more!!!!
YES, that IS a photo from her own wedding in Negril, Jamaica!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Today is cloudy, rainy. I have time to spend in my art studio. Here is Gemma's canvas book from the round robin which we are doing. I am working on a double pink page with collaged and stitched watercolor, antique lace, acrylic flowers and who knows what else...I've only just begun, LOL!


Besides doing art work, I am organizing things from Mom's house....More treasures from the past....

A child's cloth book of ABC's. Circa 1920's.

Little toy watch with silk ribbon band ( such a feminine and elegant face), old (1950's) child's fan from Japan with hand-painted roses, and two, 10 cent first- class postage stamps which celebrate letter writing (and reading). The quote under the Gainsborough says, "Letters mingle souls."-Donne.
[How long ago was postage just 10 cents?]

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Saturday, we took a break from working on Mom's house.
We took my daughter and the grandkids to my brother and sister-in-law's home in rural Clark County, Arkansas.
We had a great time!
Swimming in a salt-water pool, getting to know the chickens (hens and rooster) and cows.
One calf was only a day old!
Granddaughter Lilia got to drive a Kubota. I will have more pictures eventually. [It is hard/impossible to edit the size etc. on this computer] are a few more photos! [The first shows my hubby and daughter on the walk across the Arkansas River at Little Rock on a pedestrian bridge, which we did before going to the country!]

Treasures turn up when clearing out Mom's house.

This antique indigo and red doll quilt was made for my mother about 1925 by my grandmother. It has a cotton batt and is tied rather than quilted. There is also a small cotton gingham doll pillow with embroidered trim.

These are on top of a cotton gingham apron with white cross-stitch embroidery, my grandmother's handwork.

In the background is a doll chest made by my grandfather for my mother. It is now in my art/sewing studio.

Some of these items will go to a museum in western Oklahoma.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

A few photos from our weekend at home with daughter Laura and her family. [Artwork above a watercolor by granddaughter Lili, who is loving my studio!]

Friends came by to see everyone!

We "horsed around" with the energetic grandkids!

More wonderful friends and a boy out of the bathtub!

Early morning trip down to the backyard and garden....

"B3" picked a cucumber, looked at it for a moment and said, "pickle!"

More little offerings from the garden, on a towel decorated with red "yo-yo" flowers!

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