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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Even though it was windy today, I "put out" my 2 tomato plants and a red bell pepper plant.
The tomatoes are "Cherokee Purple" (see Internet image above) and "Beefmaster". I planted egg shells with them....and they have a collar ( toilet paper roll) to keep cutworms away and the tomato cages are there for them!
I want to add more marigolds and herbs around them!

The radishes are still growing here and some marigolds in the foreground.


Today in our front April comes to an end, our gardens are in bloom, and I am showing off two skirts which I have just finished. Wearing one, and perhaps the other will be a gift to someone special.

Off to visit my friend Sally now, and see her gardens.....


Lavender Dreamer said...

How cute you look! Love the skirts and the pants you made! You've been busy! Tell Sally Hello for me! I would love to see her, too! Does she have a blog with pics?

bettyann said...

I was wondering about the Cherroke Purple the inside of the fruit the skirts

Anonymous said...

cute cute cute...great skirt. liz

lila said...

cherokee purple is an heirloom variety.
It is a bit purple...definitely dark red.

gemma said...

Lila you are amazing. Love the pants and skirts you've made. Not to mention your gardening, quilting and culinary skills on top of that!Yep! Oh and you work...
I'm resting.

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