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Friday, April 17, 2009

Our trees trying to make a come-back after the ice storm damage in January.

The "lasagne garden" trying to make a come-back after visits by nocturnal nibblers....

I added 12 marigold plants to it today and gave everything a good watering. Below you can see the baby lettuce and the marigolds. Above the kale and pansies much loved by our visiting bunnies and the red merlot lettuce which they left alone!

I have two tomato plants, one is an heirloom "Cherokee Purple" and the other a hybrid "Beefmaster." Also a red bell sweet pepper plant. These will go into the garden out here in mid-May when warmer temperatures will encourage more progress!


gemma said...

Fantastic that those trees are coming back. Your "lasagne garden" is coming along nicely. Last week I pulled weeds. Then it rained and now I have a new crop.
Have a great week Lila.

lila said...

One thing about this layered garden bed, so far no weeds. But of course, this is a much cooler time of year than you are experienceing in Phoenix!

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