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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Donated art.....(update).
This is Sunday morning, the day all the society and party photos are in the morning paper.
I checked to see if the story about the "Chair Affair" for Lifestyles was in the paper. It was! They used a photo of my friend Katherine with her donated chair. The small photo is of a very creative chair made of driftwood and branches, by artist Jason Jones.

Here are some photos which weren't used.

Olivia, daughter of my friend, Lizzzzie agreed to pose with me and my "Come away with me" chair. Artist friend Tracie and her beaded (real stones, no plastic here...copper wire too) chair!
In case you are wondering, the chairs were being celebrated at The Museum of Native American Artifacts, Bentonville, Arkansas. If you love archeology and Native American treasures, this is a wonderful place to visit!


Mary Timme said...

Neato chairs! What do the papers ever know? They always get the news wrong anyway.

Julie said...

I still like the tropical chair the best!

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