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Sunday, November 26, 2006

(This post is in response to a challenge of the week on Violette's folkart messageboard....from Pam paint your favorite coffee mug...this was on Nov. 11th....I'm a bit behind but here it is!)

My favorite mug.....
being indecisive, I have two favorites.

The first one is handmade stoneware by Rae
Dunn, a local potter.

I love to have my morning coffee in this mug!
It is round like a ball which just fits into my
cupped hand....a great treat to wrap my hand
around the warm cup on a cool morning.

The second mug is a Christmas gift from my son last year. He decorated the outside with yoga symbols and wrote a quote from Ghandi inside
the lip....he (my son) is a deep thinker.

I love to use this mug for herb teas and healthy drinks.....mostly when I am drinking something more mellow than coffee.

The watercolor is by me, this morning.
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