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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

This is the second day with my daughter and grandaughter.....I picked them up at the airport at 9:20 yesterday morning and we started home...about a 30 mile drive....the first side track was a dollar store to check out christmas ornaments which could be altered into "art".....Getting back in the car, we realized we were very close to the new shopping promanade which had just opened in October and to which I had not yet off we headed!

After two hours of shopping and lunch (my daughter felt all the things in the new shopping area were a definite plus for our community, making it more fun for people of her generation) we finally got home.

A tea party was in order, but we were still stuffed from lunch.
So we delayed a bit by pulling out pieces of "ancient" family history....

My grandaugher, Lilia, age seven, was delighted to be given the original Kirsten, American Girl Doll , that Santa had brought to her mother the first year they were produced! She has been playing with Kirsten ever since!

We found a child's nightgown from France which daughter, Laura , had received from an aunt whcn she was was a bit yellowed. Having once had a quilt shop, I was familiar with
great product for cleaning vintage linens, 'Vintage Soak'. ( It comes in a pretty rose fabric bag and is for sale on-line.) So now it is soaking and the yellow is floating away!

Laura also found the special little dresses which I had smocked and "french hand-sewn" for her when she was small.....the grandaughter is too old to wear them...and they aren't popular
with the Brittney Spears influenced young girls anyway...but they are treasures!

Finally, we were ready for our tea party...this time using my Laura Ashley tea set....this is after many "tea parties" at my grandaugher's using her "dolly" tea set....and peppermint tea.

This morning, after breakfast, I pulled out the glitter and these reproduction victorian angel postcards......this is one of them. You can see a little of the sparlke of the glitter in the scanned image!
My daughter is a godsend this week...she is helping me de-clutter and clean before we decorate for Christmas this Friday!!!!! Yeah!!!!! (The hardest part is storing away all the art supplies and projects....rather impossible, actually!)

As I re-read all of this, I realize that I do sound like a full-fledged granny....and it was not long ago, I couldn't imagine that I was old enough to be a grandmother....oh, well!


Pretty Lady said...

I have been away from the blogs because of work and the preparations for Thanksgiving day and I know I have missed alot of your posting but I am glad I finally got the time to read your blog and I am so happy your family is there with you, I am decorating on Friday too and I also bring all of my craft supplies to the kitchen that way I can be close to all the activity going on. Also no one is with shoes in my house and We all enjoying that very much. Keep enjoying your family and enjoy your tea party (even if you are stuffed with lunch still, LOL)

miss*R said...

Hi Lila - just wanting to know if you still want to take part in the art doll swap next year. It is full now and I need your email address as well as postal details - thanks!
will come back later today and have a read of your time spent with your daughter and grand-daughter xo

Lee-ann said...

To one full-fledged nanni to another hello today.

So your home is about to become a wonderland of christmas made all the more special to have a darling grandchild to share it with, that is wonderful. Yes we decorte this weekend also and it is always so nice to unwrap each piece again and go Ooo! & Ahh! at them.

I will be thinking about you on friday decorating your home.
enjoy the nanni journey my friend.

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