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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

This is a painting from last week, of pears and pomegranites with fall flowers.....I still have the flowers, they have lasted well. So I could paint them again.....?

As usual there is so much calling to me, 2 books to read, the house to redecorate, a quilt to bind while listening to a book on bookeeping to catch up on, (of course my least attractive option).

I realize that I am easily sidetracked from life's main tasks by all the little, beautiful, fun things along the way.....I cannot seem to declutter either my house or my "wanna do" list.

It is as it I'll keep on.....never bored. I skipped my weekly yoga class yesterday to spend time with my husband....we went looking for a new kitchen range....that hour of yoga is the only time I seem to stop my quest for constant creative activity...including reading all of these blogs by other creative souls!

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