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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

These scanned images are of the new muse who hangs about in my art studio.
Her name is Sirena, she is only 6 inches tall and made of blown glass.
Though she may appear to be ethereal and fragile, she is strong, bejeweled, sparkling and gifted!

(She is a find from the Christmas ornament section of our local Hobby Lobby....and she was the only mermaid there!)

Sirena eagerly awaits the parcel with the mermaid fabric which should soon arrive!

She is also whispering that I should place an order for the back issue of New Zealand Quilter magazine....#54.....which has the 'self-portrait as mermaid'quilts by 4 New Zealand quilters....I think she is going to be a very bad influence!!!!


Pretty Lady said...

all morning I have been playing with the links you gave us and I save a lot of the information for future use, Thank you.
I love Sirena (Spanish for Mermaid) and the photo of your little Angel and I will be waiting for you to post about her when she comes to visit you. Thanks again.

Janet said...

What a lovely ornament. I don't think I've ever seen a mermaid Christmas ornament before. She must have been waiting there just for you.

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