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Thursday, November 16, 2006

A mermaid emerging from her place of safety and security......

Stream of Consciousness Writing Exercise from Daisy Lupin's blog: shimmering

the pearl was shimmering on the sand she did not see it as she pulled herself out of the water onto the rocks shaking her hair and combing through it with her fingers. it was a warm night with soft tropical breezes a waning moon was casting its light on the softly moving water nearby overhead an airplane droned carrying passengers back to their busy lives she knew she could never join them in that world again for though she was physically, to the casual observer the same woman she had been when she came a month before she had truly undergone a seachange never again would she fret about dust and cobwebs in the corners of her home and the corners of her life she was reborn and energized sparking and shimmmering like the pearl she had yet to discover... she had already discovered so much about herself that had lain hidden under the surface, the business and resposibility of everyday life being the bread winner and mother to a family though they loved her and tried to help and show their appreciation it had been a time of schedules and rules and keeping up appearances who would have known that one day she really would escape and change still treasuring all she had experienced all that it had taken to bring her to this moment this lovely peaceful place she realized that inspite of having just been in clear deep water, the exercise and being in touch with her body the sesnation of being surrounded and supported by warm gentle waves had made her very relaxed almost limp in fact but she was thirsty so after stretching like a cat (who would have truly avoided the water at all costs) she stood up and began her walk back to the seaside cottage she had rented....then she saw the pearl


AnnieElf said...

Lila, I'm so happy you visited my blog and we have had a chance to meet. My husband is originally from Missouri and he goes back from time to time. Who knows, I MAY actually be in that part of the world sooner than I think and having a good friend moving to Oklahome, it is, indeed, entirely possible. Whew, how's that for a stream of consciousness sentence? LOL In any event....these word you have written here are so pertinent to my life right now. My mom passed away a few weeks ago and I've been undergoing enormous interior changes. Your words have captured so well the feeligs that I have been grappling with. You must have been angel-sent to me. Blessings, Annie

Janet said...

Your words are beautiful and tell an inspiring tale of learning and growing. I think many of us can relate to your words.

Daisy Lupin said...

See next posting up for comments from me.

lila said...

Thank you all for reading this. It was fun to do this!
Thank-you Daisy for dreaming this up!

Blue the Spa Girl said...

being a bit of a mermaid myself...I love this!
Great stream of consciousness.
What a fun exercise, isn't it?
Yours was very real...very Shirley Valentine-ish...a woman who finds herself.
Loved it!

lila said...

Yes, I think Shirley Valentine is a definite mermaid! That is one of my favorite movies!

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