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Monday, November 27, 2006

It is the Christmas season for all of us who work in retail....helping Santa fill those stockings!

I work part-time at a local department store....this gives structure to my week (I usually work through the week-ends) and gives me contact with people, as being in my studio is very isolating.

The thing I dislike about it at the moment is that the holiday hours are extended so that we go in to work earlier and come home later....but I've just been reading some blogs from women in Lebanon..... so I know that I am truly blessed to have the quiet, peaceful life that I enjoy.....

Prayers for Christmas peace continue, but we will never have peace on earth until we develope peace in our own hearts....a challenge for all of us!

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Janet said...

Many years ago I worked in retail for awhile and the holiday season was such a challenge! I think the day after Christmas was the worst though! But with all that, we do still live in a much better place than most of the world.

And I agree we must all find peace in our hearts

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