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Thursday, November 30, 2006

I know I have a guardian angel working overtime.....

This is the angel of the annuciation,..... I see that finger as admonishing me to slow down and pay attention.

I almost burned down my house this morning....while I was running all those frantic errands.....I left a bath towel near a small gas heater....I forgot to turn it off!

When I came home, the towel was on the floor, scorched, the towel bar (heavy plastic) warped and on the floor too, leaving only the ceramic holders on the wall--- built in with the bathroom tile.
The towel bar had gotten so hot that it fell out with the towel onto the floor.

I feel very lucky (thank-you guardian angel!), and very sheepish and hope I can keep a better grasp on reality (whatever that is) in the future.

Time for some Advent peace and prayers!
(....Maybe I should just sit and knit.....I don't have to go in to work because of the bad road conditions)


Diana said...

You are one lucky girl and I too believe in angels.

Janet said...

OMG....that could have been a real disaster. Thankfully all you lost was a towel rack and a towel. I believe in guardian angels and yours was obviously hard at work today.

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