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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Spring in Clark County Arkansas

Visiting at my brother's....enjoying a beautiful evening in my SIL's garden!

Green and pretty...a few early blossoms..


Roses pretty pink...


And SO fragrant!



This arch will soon be covered in blossoms!

My clever sister in law makes large iron hoops from an old cattle feeder into two trellises!

I'm so glad I drove down today!


Sunday, April 19, 2015




Tulips and more

Love my tulips in shades go pink!



Also "snow in summer" ground cover...!

And a miniature iris!


AND, I just got a photo of my Idaho grandson in his flannel PJ's which I sewed for him! The print has construction trucks and equipment. He loves them!







A good recipe from Hard core Italian blog. Via my Facebook friend, Melanie!

Pound 1lb of flank steak from the butcher until it is 1/4 inch thick.


Spread with garlic, top with shredded parmigian regiano and flat leaf Italian parsleyRoll up and tie with string.

Brown in olive oil in a Dutch oven.


Top with tomato sauce.....and bake slowly, 265 degree oven (covered) for two hours!


Prepare gluten green non GMO corn pasta (from Italy).....drain pasta.


Remove strings from beef rolls, plate and serve....(sorry couldn't get a photo and now they are gone!)


Monday, April 13, 2015

Memories from the quilt show!

Our weekend quilt show was a big success! It started with a great article in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette!

This article brought in many quilt lovers, including my dear friend from many years, (and owner of several of my quilts), Sally! We had a great visit and lunch surrounded by beautiful quilts and talented quilters!

The photo from the article shows the winning quilt, "Best in Show", in bright pastel lollipop trees, is from a pattern and fabrics from the Glorious Color website. Nora executed it beautifully!


Another quilt they offer was interpreted into our viewer's choice! "Pande" from the "Pandamonium" appliqué pattern, below. This is the pattern photo, not the one from our show....I don't take many photos!

Very colorful quilts, these!

On a quieter note, but with fabulous quilting, is this "Convergence" quilt! Photo shows maker of the quilt top, Sheila and the long-arm quilter Sonja!

[I didn't photograph mine, or any (these photos are borrowed from Facebook!), because I have posted all of my quilts here already! I hade 5 quilts hanging.]

I did some shopping, getting fun fabrics with monster trucks,airplanes, traffic signs, guinea hens! One must support the vendors!

I have already made 2 toddler T-shirt dresses from the fun fabric!

I used some rick rack from Mom's stash....3 yards (package) of cotton no-iron rick rack was 25 cents! Today we pay 10 times that much for 2.5 yards of polyester rick rack. That was1969!



And near the end of the show there was a drawing for the winner of the donation quilt....a sampler quilt with blocks made by many guild members.


The name drawn was on a ticket I had Alex MacDonald who had worked with me at Hancock's!

He was happy to have won the quilt, which I left at Hancock's break room for him to find!


Still going strong on the quilt vibe, I am working again on my flower garden quilt, and piecing hexagons!


Final review of the quilts I had in the show...above, pieced with selvedges and strings, " Pink Lemonade".

"Scrappy Mountain Majesty"

Time span quilt with blocks made by my grandmother, appliqued by my mother and quilted by me!

" Chinese coins" a Strippy quilt of Riley Blake fabric.

And "Vintage Spin" from a pattern which you can find I the book, "Adding Layers" by Kathy Doughy.


Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Matcha again....a magic matcha custard cake---gluten free too

This is a cake sort of like the impossible pie idea. It makes 3 layers when baked. A soft crust on the bottom, a custard like middle layer and a foamy soufflé like top layer.

I found the recipe which I had to try...from Yummly via Little Accidents in the Kitchen blog. It was her photo, above which made me want to make this....but as I had been making greener mug cakes, I used a little more matcha maybe....3tsp.= 1 tbsp. is how I measured the matcha powder.


I used coconut and almond milk for the 2 cups of milk in the recipe. AND I used gluten free flour, part of which was almond flour and part coconut flour.

Real butter and good eggs....a little honey for part of the sugar which is called for.

Making it was not hard, the directions are good. One ends up with a butter, egg, flour and matcha batter in one bowl and and stiff egg whites in the other.

Then fold in the egg, I need larger bowls at this point...but I managed.


Then there was more batter than seemed right for the size pan she called for. So I baked a wee pan on the side rather than overfill my 8x11 pan. 45 minutes at 325 (I upped the degrees a tiny bit too..). And "Voila" was ready

This photo is after it cools and collapses down a bit like a soufflé ....I accidentally touched that one spot on the top...very soft and spongy.

It cut easily and came out of the pan nicely too. The cake is pleasant, vanilla and matcha green tea, not overly sweet!


Monday, April 06, 2015

More sewing in process. Easter memories.

Working on two flower girl dresses for a May wedding....this is the pattern.

Learning to gather and sew tulle...this little red clips help! I'll make the skirts while awaiting the peach brocade bodice fabric to get here.
We had 2 friends come for Easter is the table being pulled together with new table runner and napkins as well as a spring wreath.
The grandkids weren't here, but 3 of them had a great time with an egg hunt.....girls wearing the dresses I sewed and sent last week!

Love these little ones! And all grandkids...including this track star...

And this little one on the way...

Who will soon make this guy a "big brother"!

"look Mom, a flower!" Even though dandelions are a "weed", you have to love that beautiful yellow!

My own version of a field of flowers, this quilt which I am basting today. I will be hand quilting it soon.
The circles are made from 36, ten degree wedges! It was fun it make!

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