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Wednesday, August 06, 2014

A day at home....or at least the morning!

Cool morning temperatures make the studio a pleasant place!

So, I plan to paint this morning....then move inside and work on a quilt this afternoon!

Recent paintings---- all this last week! Due to cooler summer weather, I think....

Above: almost finished, just a few more flowers for her basket and more definition for her eye. Then I will stop. Word has it that to retain "freshness" in a painting one must stop before it is too polished!

This one too, sunflowers will only need a little more...background work, petal definition and white reflections on the vase.

This still life with peaches is finished....just needs the signature!

I have paid to join an on-going art group with a teacher, Nadine Ripplemeyer. Her input has been invaluable, and I love having others to paint along side!

Here is a photo Nadine took of me with the painting I was working on a couple of weeks ago...

And here is how that painting changed and is finished at last!

Mush lighter, I realized I do not like too much dark in my paintings....!!!


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