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Friday, January 25, 2013

Windows 8 and Grandmother's Window quilt

This morning, I am working with the newly installed Windows 8 on this computer.
I think I will like it.....but of course there is a learning curve!

All the photos we had on Windows 7 seem to have evaporated [very bad!...or a clean start?]

So, I do have a "window" photo to share, tee of the few I have at the moment on this new program (just now saved to this computer by emailing it over from my iPad....oh, what a complex web this is becoming!)...

Ta dah!
 The quilt is called, Through Grandmother's Window.
We  have been enjoying it the last week on our bed, but now I need to add a hanging sleeve so that it can go into our guild's quilt show soon!
And here is another photo.....of a blanket and soccer ball [pattern from Anna Maria Horner's book, "SEAMS TO ME"] made and sent to my grandson, Wesley.
And since I am having fun....and Blogger is finally uploading photos for me, here is one more!
It is a page from my art journal last week, a bouquet of orange tulips and a blue striped mug (I just  love those stripes!)

1 comment:

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Your Grandmother's Window quilt is super wonderful. And what a great idea - a soft soccer ball. Love your paintings - as always.

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