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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Fun with the Holga camera yesterday....or "I finally got some film!"

The camera has only a few simple settings, just point and shoot! I did a deliberate double exposure of our elm tree and the house across the street, above. I think this is my favorite of these shots taken as the shadows were lengthening on the snow-covered yards. This elm is so large and powerful that it has an almost mystical presence for me. Last year's ice storm took out much of the canopy but it has survived!

My snow-covered garden bench and our mailbox are two of my other favorite images. How many years have these things been in our yard, providing a quiet place to sit on the one hand and fun and interesting news and packages on the other!

These other photos were taken either in the shade or about an hour later when the sun was lower; they show a slight rosy color on the horizon. Some of the photos have the "black soft edge corners" which are typical of the "vignette" effect the Holga is famous for. I definitely like the sunny ones best...funny thing too, Mr. Pear told me that I was using Black and White film, so I was surprised when I picked up the developed pictures this afternoon!

I am sharing the camera for awhile with my friend, it will be fun to see what she photographs!

Looking down the street, it is almost sunset now.

By the way, my friend, Sr. Macrina Weiderkehr is a wonderful photographer as well as a poet.
Visit here for a chance to order this calendar from her monastery, St. Scholastica's in Ft. Smith, Arkansas.


Piecefulafternoon said...

Wonderful photos. That is one thing I miss about digital is the double exposure - though I can do some stuff in photo shop to make it look that way - I really need to practice.

JG said...

Winter scenes are so peaceful. Your double exposure photo is fascinating!

Bettyann said...

like your experimentation with your new camera..look forward to seeing your next ones..

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