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Friday, July 17, 2009

Doing watercolor on the back porch on a perfect summer afternoon. This is a commission from a friend who works with me. A cardinal painted for her father. Fun for me!


[from earlier in the day....]

This morning is heavenly here.....temperatures in the mid 60's, 20 degrees cooler than it has been of a morning! Though uncertain if it was yet "safe", I couldn't resist going out to water the plants, feed the blooming vines and clean the birdbath. Wearing long sleeves and gloves for more protection this time.

This photo taken looking straight down on the garden from the deck above shows the evil poison ivy bed at the bottom edge of the photo, surrounding the terra cotta pot. [click on any photo for larger version]

We went ahead and harvested the first 2 tomatoes, these are Cherokee Purple, heirloom variety. They are very large (weighing almost 1.5 lbs together) and beginning to ripen. I was suffering "separation anxiety" with these "babies" as I was staying away from the garden (due to the poison ivy as mentioned in previous posts)! Also fears that a bird might decide to feast before we did.....anyway they are now finishing the ripening here in a brown paper bag. With these "monsters" off of the vine, the other tomatoes may get more nourishment (fish emulsion was administered again today)

You can see in this photo just how large they are compared to the human hand....LOL!

In this human's other hand is a bottle of spray-on ivy killer. Come on!... this is too limited! I want the evil vine dug up and eradicated, no roots left alive to spread terror in my yard!!!!

Of course I have to be diplomatic in negotiating the type of attack my "Ivy Slayer" will launch....after all he has his own sensitivities to this noxious plant [and strange sensitivities to nicknames I give him in my blog! LOL!]

Back to the peaceful, heavenly side of gardening now with our friend, St. Francis near the front steps!



Julie said...

What If I call him Mr. Pear? Would he be mad at me? LOL!! I don't care!!!

Your garden is so pretty. Begone, poison ivy. Hope spraying works.

Wow - your first tomatoes! Congrats! We've had really cool and wet weather here, but a great weekend is coming up.

Piecefulafternoon said...

Wow - wonderfully large tomatoes - and good that you have Mr. Pear - or Mr. Indigo to take care of that pesky poison ivy. Have a great day now that you've had a little gardening fix.

Shopgirl said...

Julie has the right idea, I love the picture of Mr. Pear. He looks so proud of the big tomatoes.
Yummmie! Hugs, Mary

Julie said...

Beautiful cardinal. As a person who owns one of your watercolors, I know your co-worker is a lucky lady indeed.

Anonymous said...

Hope you get rid of the evil vine. Could you tell me what the smaller purple plant is in with the marigolds. Love Hugs and Blessings

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