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Saturday, July 25, 2009

This is my studio always, in transition, becoming better and making me feel more at home there. Yesterday, my friend Paula helped me with rearranging some of the things and building some shelves to help store others.

First we needed zip ties.....lots.

Then Rubbermaid closet shelving. 2 pieces 6 feet long for the upright sides and 2, 8 foot shelves cut in half at the store [Lowes].

These shelves are designed to hold bins of fabric at an angle....the front of the shelves being lower than the back so that the contents are more visible. I need more storage but it can't be in closets or armoires where I can't see the fabrics and colors which come together in my quilts. Out of sight, out of mind is too true in my case. My muse needs to see her materials!

Below is one end of the studio with my sewing machines and serger and a primitive antique hutch/closet ......

Now, on an adjoining wall is my new shelf unit. Thanks to Paula, and the zip ties we had it assembled in no time! The top shelf is level and holds baskets. The bins are on the slanted shelves and I can see the contents more easily! I love it!
Now the discipline is to keep the fabric collection to a rather constant size....sewing up some before more comes in so that I can have a sense of what is here!

A closer look at the shelf right after we finished it yesterday.....


Piecefulafternoon said...

I like your shelves. I spent part of today sorting and culling and rearranging my studio - got rid of two big bags of garbage - two big bags of goodwill and lots of cardboard boxes (sewing machine, cell phones, etc) that I no longer need - then I fell down 6 steps off the front porch while taking the bags out to the garbage and the car - dumb dumb dumb.

Organizing is fun - but sometimes painful. :-)

Anonymous said...

How nice it looks, I commend you and Paula for a good days work! lizzzy

mermaid musings said...

I love it!
I need shelves and pretty baskets too

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