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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Tales from the DARK side of gardening......or 'poison ivy is not a good ground cover!"

Above: self-portrait for bound back in a black scarf and no makeup. Lots of rash due to encounter with poison ivy (below)!

This is not growing in my garden, but just 3 feet away, it is flourishing! Apparently I am pretty sensitive! I had sort of thought it was wild strawberry (below)....but just didn't pay much attention to it! I don't remember touching it either.

Now, I am afraid to spend much time out there. So my plans for gardening are on hold until we get rid of the creeping evil ivy!!!!
I'll just stay in here where it is cool, read, knit and rest.
Hope I get better soon and can go to work tomorrow. I have been to the walk-in clinic this morning (Sunday) for a cortisone laden much for any money-saving with gardening, LOL! [It is still a lot of fun though!]


Julie said...

Hi, Lila,

Love your self-portrait - you look like an Eastern European peasant lady.

I am so sorry about your poison ivy. I have a funny story about my encounter with some pine trees. Dan and I cleaned up the back edge of the yard where our neighbors' five pine trees had dropped a lot of litter - pine cones, branches, needles. The next day I developed a bad case of hives. As I sat in the convenience clinic with a face full of huge bumps, the lady seated across from me looked at me sympathetically and said, "Mosquito bites?" Yeah, right, lady.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Oh, Lila! I am so sorry you got into poison ivy! I was always so allergic to it when I lived there. The worst cases I got were from the roots or from someone burning it. You need to stay out of the dirt and be careful with the gloves you wear or even your shoes. I'm glad you got treatment. It will probably clear up quickly.

Janet said...

Yikes! That's no fun! But I do like the self-portrait. How do you get rid of the plant?

bettyann said...

oh so sorry, that really hurts..hope you heal fast..take care..

lila said...

The plant will have to be "torn out" and CAREFULLY bagged by someone other than me! All clothes and tools used have to be thoroughly cleaned...again not by me!
I'm staying away form that part of the yard for a while, so the garden is on it's own for now.

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