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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Right after Tuesday's wonderful rain, which lasted for hours that morning, this is how the garden looked.

Heavy, wet leaves had pulled down the vines.

With a little help Tuesday evening from the stronger person who lives here, the vines were soon standing upright, and re-inforced with bamboo supports. [below]

This morning, sunny and cool, the squash were in bloom, seen here along with rosemary and the purple ruffley plant, perilla.
Caught in the act! I was so excited to see a pollen-laden bee actually working in my squash blooms. Bees seem scarce and may be endangered....what would happen to our food supply then?

Of course, if these guys wander from blossom to blossom we may have 2 kinds of squash mixed...this will be fun to check on! [Just hoping they don't add the cucumber pollen to that mix!]


Julie said...

My god, your vines are huge!! And your whole garden looks great. You've had great success in your first year.

I'm off to our book club picnic - the first HOT day of the summer, and thunderstorm warnings are in the air. We witchy ladies will be stirring the air again tonight.

lila said...

I'll be thinking about you enjoying this summer evening!

Rowan said...

My garden has been battered by heavy rain several times this summer, it's amazing how many of the plants stand themselves up again once they have dried out. We seem to have a good number of bees around here but I know there are concerns about them everywhere. That quilt is really lovely,such rich colours in the fruits.

Shopgirl said...

Julie said it, your garden looks great. Rain wonderful rain! We are very hot and dry right now. I would love some rain. I miss our garden this year.
Happy gardening, Mary

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