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Monday, July 27, 2009

Summer clothesline........

Monday used to be "wash day".....probably Tuesday was ironing?
Which ever day....I have to share the news about a new ( to me) "starch" product. It is Mary Ellen's Best Press! Lavendar scented clear starch alternative. It leaves clothes crisp but not residue on the surface of the iron (one of my pet peeves with regular starch). The lavendar scent is light and wonderful....if you can't have the scent of the great outdoors from hanging out on a clothesline, this is the next best! And there is the added bonus of no aerosol can to deal with....just a refilable spritzer/spray bottle!Check Spelling

As far as I know, large sewing centers like Hancocks and JoAnn and quilting websites offer this product, as does

[Summer clothesline watercolor by Lila.]


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

The painting is wonderful, Lila! And I will definitely look for the spray! I know I will love it! I'm having fun catching up on your news! Your garden is really growing and your new shelves are great! I'm still putting things away! lol

Julie said...

Such a beautiful painting, Lila. I love your way with watercolors. Monday was always was washday at Grandma's house. I hated it. All the beds were stripped, the tablecloth was gone, every piece of fabric, it seemed, was in the wash. But how I loved to wash Grandma iron on Tuesdays. She would sprinkle the clothes with a homemade sprinkler using a 7-Up bottle with holes in the cap. She would sprinkle them, roll them up and put them in a wicker basket. They would be perfectly, lightly damped when they were ironed.

gemma said...

The spritzer spray sounds like a good alternative to my Niagra Spray starch. Blessings to you and yours.

gemma said...

Lila I forgot to tell you I LOVE the painting. There is something about hanging clothes on the line that gives me the sacred in ordinary feeling.

lila said...

We used to sprinkle our ironing like that too!
Before steam irons!

Rowan said...

I love line dried laundry and always hang mine if the weather is dry, I like the sound of this though, must look out for it when I am in the US in September. I love that painting too, so delicate and pretty.

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