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Thursday, March 12, 2009

We have had days of SUNNY WARM weather and the time change brought lots of positive energy...Awakening Joy for sure! [recent journal page]


We are now having another taste of winter with some sleet and snow. I am supposed to work in a booth at a "Taste of Home" cooking school this evening....I hope they will have great samples there! LOL![ We will have sewing machines in our booth!]

Cold weather makes me crave comfort food. Here is a recipe from Weight Watchers for a wonderful meatless main dish! [Shown above]

I will be making Irish soda bread this weekend, for St. Patrick's Day. I plan to make the whole wheat version that Martha Stewart has in her current magazine issue. There are also lots of whole-wheat Irish Soda Bread recipes on-line including one from Weight Watchers.


Janet said...

Yummy food! I hope the weather clears up for you....and hope you had fun at the food booth.

Love the Awakening Joy journal page!!

gemma said...

Hi!!! Mac and Cheese has always been a favorite comfort food!
I use the old family recipe...a fattening version.
How is your garden?
Much JOY

Julie said...

I am so glad the joy is awakening in you! I can't wait. Our promise of warm temps yesterday was not fulfilled. They say it's because of the heavy snow cover. But it's supposed to be in the 30s tomorrow and 40s Sunday so hopefully that stuff can start melting.

Will go to lunch with my sis tomorrow and hopefully my knee will be strong enough for a little thrift shopping!

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