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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Update on "Three Cups of Tea"----

New version for children is available.Also, Greg has written a lovely book for children, "Listen to the Wind", which is illustrated by collage artist Susan L. Roth!

I happened to catch the last of ABC's nightly news last night. It was the segment called "Person of the Week". This time it was really GOOD NEWS!

The person of the week was Greg Mortenson!

Because of news reporting more terrorist activity in the area, I had wondered how the schools he helped to build were doing. It was so good to see that they (over 70 schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan) were still educating local children, especially girls.

The newspiece said that yesterday the Pakistani government was honoring Greg with it's highest award. Now, Greg has a blog so I am hoping to read more about things there. His latest blog post is that he was addressing the cadets at West Point!!!!!


Anonymous said...

You would like the flick Charlie's War. After the Russians were pushed out this American Politician wanted the US to support education in a country where 40% of the males where under 20 all the others had been killed over the years of fighting. The US said Naw we don't need to do is the result.liz

Lavender Dreamer said...

I saw him on ABC, too! And I was so amazed at what he's been able to accomplish! Thanks for the link to his blog and the update on the children's books. I would love to get those, too!

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