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Friday, March 06, 2009

Reflections on a new hat!

In order to keep interested in doing self-portraits, some props are needed. Here, from our local Salvation Army Thrift store, is my new Eliza Doolittle hat!
I am working on the watercolor sketch above as a self-portrait![sometimes painting someone from a different angle...upside down?...helps open our creativity!]

Hoping you all have a great weekend. I'll be back at the shop, teaching the tote bag class.


Diana said...

Love your self portraits.

gemma said...

This is truely you! I love it. It is cute and unique!!!

Julie said...

I love your self portrait - and your Liza Doolittle hat.

Lavender Dreamer said...

Very good! And I think I have a hat like that, too....we could be twins! lol

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