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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Our class reunion day started out with a gathering at the old high school building (now used for administration offices only). It was amazing as more of us appeared on the parking lot, getting name tags to help us remember identities!

After most of us had arrived, we went inside into the old auditorium for an "assembly". This one was a memorial/reflection time to remember those in our class who had passed. It was good to honor them in this way....and even remembering some parents (this is a small town thing) to whom we were connected.

This made us all hungry, so it was off to get local "good" barbecue at the Pig Pit. Perfect!

One of our former teachers, now 99 years old, (so she was our age when we were in her class!!!), had an open house from 2:00-3:00 p.m. so that she could share the day with us! Her home was lovely, and she was as sharp as ever! She had been the "terror" of our high school, setting high standards, and expecting us to work hard!

This is a double hibiscus which her son-in-law picked for us from her garden.

Our last event together was a dinner at the lodge at Lake Degray State Park. More classmates showed up and we were outside until sunset.....the weather had been mild, not too hot for August in the south!

One of our classmates, a law librarian from Denver, rode his BMW motorcycle over 1,000 miles to be with us. Many of the class are teachers, one is a butler, one a symphony conductor....but somewhere from deep inside our memories, we were able to recall the 17 and 18 year-olds we were back then!

Then inside for a buffet catfish or chicken dinner, more stories from 40 years ago....and a special treat that we were joined by a favorite teacher from those years, Mr. Bright and his wife. We were the first class to whom he taught biology, math and science...and in spite of us, he is still an educator!

(note: most photos by Lila...adding photos from classmates as I receive them...thanks, Tom


Shopgirl said...

I love that you shared this time, you all look so happy and glad to see eachother. I haven't gone to any of my school gatherings, I guess we have been too busy. But it would be fun to look back with those that would remember when you were so young. I also went to school in a small town....Placerville, California.
El Dorado High School
Hugs, mary

mermaid musings said...

This look super and FUN!!!
yay for you!

Gemma said...

Amazing that you got to see your 99y/o teacher. That must have been interesting. She has sure seen alot of changes in her years. Glad you had fun. Sounds like a great group you were connected to.

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