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Thursday, May 22, 2008

A short road trip...

This collage of images relates to yesterday's experiences. Yesterday morning, my friend Cheryl and I started out from Fayetteville going east through the Ozarks. The roads themselves are very scenic..with old barns and farmhouses.

About an hour from home, another friend, Paula met us near the White River and took us in her 4-wheel drive up to her home and garden. This is where we saw a forest of foxgloves. [ I did have my camera and will upload the photos and post about visiting Paula's this way to do that here at Mom's!These foxgloves are from a webpage of Father Julian.]

After being at Paula's for a couple of hours, we took Hwy 23 south. It was lovely and peaceful....we saw almost no other cars. Eventually we came down into a valley where the Mulberry River flows. Camping and canoeing are popular there. The Turner Bend grocery store prepares and serves "world class sandwiches", so we sat on a bench out front and had a bologna sandwich reminiscent of our childhood days...

Finally we caught the interstate and left the back roads behind. When we got to my mother's, we unloaded the Werner ladder which Mr. Pear had loaded into the car for us....we got it set up giving access to my mother's roof. I started up and "chickened out", as Mom had started calling her church friends for help....we needed to clean debris (limbs, leaves and pollen) off her roof. Then Cheryl said, "I'm going up."

So she did....the roof is much better and we are SO GRATEFUL to Cheryl!!!!

[I had a camera but didn't take any shots of Cheryl on the roof....not wanting to give her family too much to stress about! Cheryl now joins Lizzzie in an exclusive club of friends who have been on my mother's roof!...that's another story]

Today is "run errands" day and then change into paint clothes to finish painting Mom's white wrought iron (I was painting it when we ended up taking her to the ER last I must finish!)

Back with photos in a couple of days!
BTW...This photo of my beaming baby grandson....wearing a Bob Dylan t-shirt and looking like he could get into trouble any minute, was waiting for me in e-mail at Mom's.


Julie said...

Hi, Lila,

Your grandson is the cutest little cuddle bug!!

Sounds like you and your friends had a great time. My book club friends and I take road trips about twice a year.

Mary Timme said...

It sounds lovely. I sent off your book today and hope to what I need to send out more letters. I'm glad you all got the roof work done. That is a big job.

The little one wins cutest as far as I'm concerned.

Annie said...

Roadtripping with girlfriends is just so much fun. I haven't done it since February so I better make a plan. And, oh, look at those adorable little cheeks!!

Loretta said...

What is cuter - those gardens or your grandson?? The grandson for sure! I have to go back and study those photos. MUST HAVE MORE FOXGLOVES~ And a sewing machine in a garden! Yikes! More ideas! Must get outside.

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