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Friday, January 26, 2007

Yesterday's mailbox held more wonderful things!

This is the ATC from Gemma. How does everyone know I like pears?

I think it is especially appropriate for winter time when we still have pears in the market. Being inspired by what is real and "ordinary" in our daily lives is the beginning of growing as an artist.

Gemma also sent me a beautiful 8x10 watercolor of fantasy pears....I will scan and post it soon. Right now, my ordinary and real life is calling me to leave the computer and go to my job!


Janet said...

Gemma's ATC is so pretty. Pears! Who would guess you like pears??!

LisaOceandreamer said...

That generous and lovely Gemma, what a joy it must have been to receive this from her. I can't wait to see the watercolor.
And the other tea favor parcel was so sweet.
You know I dare say the blogging world is single handedly keeping the postal service in high gear!
Thank you for your gentle hello the other day.

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