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Sunday, January 07, 2007

This is a photo of my sewing studio....which I have now re-claimed as my holiday guests are no longer using the hide-a-bed sofa here.

I love the little fairie lights, and have little momentos
and fetishes(for lack of a better word) to
keep me and my muse company...
or maybe they are symbols of the muse

The window near the sewing machine is wonderful. It enables me to see into the backyard, where in the summer I have my Secret Garden, (retro metal lawn chairs and container plantings).

The walnut chest of drawers was my husband's while he was a growing up...I have it filled with batting, sewing implements, and fabrics. I debate about this...fabrics out where you can see them are much easier to inspire the muse...but I also enjoy the more tidy and peaceful look that this has. So when I am ready to start a quilt, I go through all the drawers and see what I may have forgotten about.....

for example, the stash of Kaffe Fassett fat quarters which I got for my birthday...hmmmmm.

I will show more close ups of the things hanging on the pegs and the purple memo board later. Posted by Picasa


Janet said...

Oh, it looks so nice and tidy....and organized! The fairy lights are just the right touch. I think I may have to string some of those up in my studio.

Kaffe Fassett - I love all his books! Don't think I've ever seen the fabric but then I'm not a quilter.

Tammy said...

Your studio looks so cozy! I have never made quilts, but I LOVE material. My mom, and grandmother, both have quilted. I have one from each of them! I am going now to check out your quilt blog!!

Pretty Lady said...

I love your studio!!

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