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Sunday, January 14, 2007

This is my 100th post!
I am going to keep it simple....just this one ATC, "Express Yourself". That about says it all for me today!
(I'm thinking of starting a tradition of doing a SIMPLE Sunday post!)

Look for more ATC's in future posts!


Tammy said...

Very cool! Hitting 100 posts is a good thing!!

I love this ATC - I'm headed off to create some ATCs of my own this afternoon!

Janet said...

Yay!! 100 posts! I like your idea of a simple Sunday post, and the ATC is cool....I like the message.

LisaOceandreamer said...

congrats on your 100th post....simple Sunday, sounds like a nice idea.

lizzzzzzzy said...

simple sunday, yes a good goal. lizzzy

AnnieElf said...

Big congrats! on your 100th. A Simple Sunday post will be interesting. The title is intriguing. I will look forward to seeing it.

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