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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

More news and views from my studio....this is a shelf with my peace angel whom I fell in love with over the holidays. She is holding a dove, and has a peaceful heart...

Yesterday, she was joined by this lovely framed ATC from Tammy who had offered them in her blog!

Before choosing the ATC for me, she had asked me about favorite colors, so the one she sent has the blues and purple! (I think she was in an art group doing art with Sharpie markers recently...)
I am now offering to send a piece of art to 5 of you....just e-mail me ....... . The first 5 I hear from will recieve art, with the stipulation that they offer the same gift of art on their blog!


Tammy said...

Very cool! :) Thanks for posting pictures - I love your angel! (My sister is a huge angel fan and that looks like one she would like!)

(just FYI - my blog is actually: confusing I know!)

lila said...

Sorry about the wrong url...I'll try to fix that error!

Caroline said...

Hi Lila thanks for visiting my blog - you've got some great posts here!

And what a great angel too.

Its fun getting art from others - I did this challenge already but when I offered 5 on my blog I only got 4 takers. I hope you get a full subscription.

Janet said...

The angel is beautiful. She certainly embodies Peace. I like the framed ATC. It's so lively and colorful....and just my colors, too!

I would love to do the art thing but I feel a bit swamped right now.

Arty Lady's blog said...

What a lovely peace angel, she looks divine.

What a brilliant idea about sharing art - I might even copy that idea for my blog if you don't mind!

Potato Print said...

Hi Lila,
What a surprise to find a VERY familiar work of art on your blog. I followed Tammy as she created so many of these.

Thanks for your good wishes about my glasses!

I really enjoyed looking at the quilting that you do. It is far beyond all reaches of my abilities.

Kai said...

Oh she is just gorgeous, I adore Peace and angels too.. :) I will explore your blog some more if that's ok.. it looks very interesting!!
Peace, Kai.

Anonymous said...

Love the angel and the thought of sharing art that way.

Sioux said...

Rats, I'm not one of the first 5, but that ATC is really beautiful...your angel so peaceful.

Pretty Lady said...

I love your Angel very much!!!

LisaOceandreamer said...

your angel is beautiful, I can see why it's a treasure!

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