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Saturday, April 09, 2016

April art times! And recap of life!!!!

This is now finished and hanging in my studio! Influenced by artist Faith Ringgold!

I am working to add patchwork and stitching on this art piece too!
Using a sashiko needle, I am able to embellish the painting with per level cotton stitches!
The patchwork border will come later...
This week I have been able to do other art too!
Friends came and we did watercolor....
Featuring a fabulous tulip bouquet from the local farmer's market.

Moving from watercolor to acrylics ....
These are finished now....?...I think!

And 2 smaller ones...which may still see some finishing!

The store where I have a part time job is I will have even more art and creative time.

I have plenty of fabric, and am making scrappy quilts and quilt tops for various family members and for charity!

And sewing for grandchildren!
Sophie in a dress I made!

moving towards grey hair....saving $$$$ as we are on Social Security!
I thank God for my many dear friends, especially those with whom I share such good times!
With Karen at a birthday for Tracie!
With Gayle and her granddaughters, friends Sally and Liz, at a French restaurant in Carthage, MO.
April is great, and today is friend Sally's birthday!
Our lilacs...on a windy day!
Hope to be back with more good things soon!

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