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Monday, November 16, 2015

Wow! I have been busy....

I almost forgot about my blog! Work and play!

Above...playful test of new art supplies...

Now overview of the last 6 weeks...+

Sitting on a motorcycle at the first day of Bikes Blues and BBQ ....only because the owner insisted and then the photo....I'm there for BBQ and to enjoy try to enjoy the scene!

No biker clothes for this babe!

Then down to Clark County....

Visiting my brother, and painting on his front porch.

Enjoying the last flowers of summer in our front yard!


Celebrating my birthday with Mr. P and friend Karen at "Cardamom and Curry" restaurant!






Painting abstract flowers...


Sewing pillowcases for grandchildren.

Playing with slightly wacky quilting!


And finishing a quilt top which Mom started!

Taking a morning workshop on "migrating geese" quilt and piecing this...

Which has now been quilted by another member of the group and will be auctioned in .december!


Knitting sweaters for grandsons..

Lovely yarn, washable wool by Cascade! Could knit on that smooth softness forever!



Making a colander into a "basket" for an auction at a quilt group!


Sewing microwave bowl potholders...

Visiting Eureka Springs!


Thinking of grandkids!


Painting this grandchild!

Hanging out with friends....

Donating another painting to a woman who offers life coaching to a diverse group of women....

That's all for tonight...maybe I will come back and edit, filling in more details later!


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