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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Writing from Idaho

A long awaited trip!

We love being here with our son's family!

These two made breakfast for me the first morning!

someone is full of energy and very busy!

Baby Boy is busy sleeping and growing! He has a great little sparkly smile sometimes!

And big wondering eyes! He just melts my heart!

Love his little dimpled chin, too!


Our son treated me to lunch that first day, at a tea room. Veggie sandwiches on gluten free bread AND they had dairy free green tea (matcha) ice cream! We shared this, it came with two little spoons!



This one loves riding his bike on their quiet street, very little traffic and lots of kids!


Mary, the peaceful mother of the energetic youngster,
loves holding the baby

Here are two more of the baby....and I may return later with even more!


, playing toss the tennis ball with grandson and Juniper! When Someone happens to miss the catch, doggie Juniper retrieves and brings it back to Grandad!

Fence staining.

Cuddling baby .



On another note, this is National Sewing Machine Day!

Here a kindred spirit has collected a few Kenmore 3/4 size machines from the 1970's! I guess the addiction is a shared one!




Laura Sangster said...

How sweet! I'm jealous but so happy you had such a nice time. :)

Laura Sangster said...

So jealous - but glad you had a great time. :)

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