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Monday, December 08, 2014

My new friend ....a mouse.

I am still working steadily in my kitchen cabinets.
Chalk paint, which requires no sanding, was not adhering to these I started doing some sanding by hand....that seemed to help.
But, my hands were really hurting at night!


So, I took the obvious next step...visited the tool department at Sears....and found this! The MOUSE sander, small enough for my little hands and speeds the work along!
The inside of the cabinets (which were site built when the house was built in the 1970's) are being painted with white gloss enamel...first coat going in here...


Yesterday I visited with 3 friends, we exchanged Christmas cards and more! Here is a little handmade doll ornament from Liz!


Tracy made handmade cards of a winter landscape for each of us, and my card from Gayle had a retro typewriter ....a joke between all of us!


Gayle, the great baker, was our hostess and she made an eggnog pie for us. The recipe was from her aunt Cora, old family is a similar pie recipe from Taste of Home.


So cool and creamy, it feels like you are eating a cloud....AND Gayle makes a great crust!


I finalized my painting of granddaughter, Nina Kate. She is a serious, take charge, child! Here is a painting based on a photo of her stirring up a birthday cake for her mother, ....oh yes, she is wearing her little apron made by me!
First, I show her painting is not quite finished and sitting with the painting of her siblings, Sophie Jane and Bindley!

Here she is painted with joy and love by Grandma Lila! ( a collage as well as a painting, yes, she has glitter in her hair...she sparkles!)


Now back to painting those cupboards...and maybe adding an ornament or some more tinsel to the tree...(bird from friend Tracie).



JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

How nice to have a mouse for a friend. LOL

The paintings are darling and your visit with friends sounds like the best kind of get together at the holidays.

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

These paintings are delightful - I know they will be treasures for your daughter! I am curious - when painting your granddaughter in her sweet clothes, did you use your imagination or is it a "real" outfit she was wearing? Did you paint from photographs you took of them?

Lila Rostenberg said...

Thank-you, Vicki!
I look at a couple of photographs for each painting. The clothes are accurate, Nina was wearing the little apron I had made for her. The aprons are in a post from last year....somewhere on this blog! Today I am sewing fleece robes for all these little ones! So excited, because I will see them at Christmas!

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