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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Good things!

My friend Barbara took this photo of part of a nest (hive) of honey bees which had built a home on her home!

Entomologists from our local university came and moved the hive to a better location.

Honey bees are precious and valuable! I am planning a painting featuring a honey bee....seems I am doing an insect series....Monarch butterfly, honey bee and also plans for a painting of a swallowtail butterfly on lilacs....

I took this photo (above) in our flower bed. Here is the painting so far...

I worked on it just a bit while taking painting with Nadine at her studio, our local Art Location. It will soon have leaves for the zinnia and of course, a large honey bee! The gold paper which I first used in the mixed media textured work below, was just PERFECT for the honeycomb.

This is the other painting I worked on today! Nadine was a wonderful teacher/guide as we decided upon the application of the many layers of this mixed media I love it!

Don't know how I can wait for next week's class! So much more fun than painting alone in the studio...


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