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Wednesday, June 04, 2014

More quilting, garden moments and painting possibilities ...

" I dwell in possibility"......Emily Dickinson

What to do on paintings? I have several canvases "gessoed" and ready....the studio is pleasant, too!

This bouquet I keep working with.....enjoying the process....

I have some quilts in progress too...the one below is another low volume, Sunday Morning (from the book by that name) quilt...should I put it together?

....One thing seems to be emerging....from my possibilities.....I will work on a blogging post! LOL!

...flash back to the last post...I have finished the strawberry pink binding on this scrappy, chunky, perle cotton quilted, English floral quilt! love it, it is so light and fluffy, not weighted down with heavy quilting!


Yesterday, when I got home from work, I sat in my quiet garden corner....doing nothing for a while...just dwelling and resting.

Drinking in the lovely evening ...

[you know iPads have a super resolution camera when they capture wrinkles and pores which don't show up in the mirror! LOL!]

Looking at my little garden patch, I found some strawberries starting to ripen! Wow!

I wonder if some creature will get to them before we decide they are ready to eat?

From this little patch where I scattered leaf lettuce seed in March, we are getting several salads per week now!

Reading is another possibility.....I was reading this book this morning....

I got it for $1.50 at our library used book shop. It was published in 1973. I love books from that era...I was a newly wed bride. Making quilts for my home was something I really hoped to do! This book reminds me of the beginnings of that adventure!

I smile as I read..."Quilting has certain advantages over other forms of needlework. For one thing, it's far less expensive than most. There is no need to go to an expensive shop for supplies and instructions. Once the basics are mastered, the crafter can duplicate any quilted item simply by studying it. The materials can be cut from old clothes,* sheets! and slipcovers that had been intended for no better use than dust rags. At worst, materials can be purchased for the most nominal sums as remnants at fabric outlet shops. The most extravagant piece of equipment is a sewing machine, which most women probably already own.** And even that is not absolutely necessary. After all, our ancestors did some remarkable work without them."

Oh, for those frugal times, not spending $11.00 /yard for designer cotton fabrics resulting in quilt tops alone which cost upwards of $150.00... !

* I did cut up some summer pj's to use in my "low volume" quilt! along with lots of remnants!

**over the years I have had several sewing machines! I think there are 6 down there wonder I feel that I should always be doing/making something, to justify having them! Oh my!


Back to those canvases now...maybe while listening to an audio book! One way to do 2 things at once!



JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

What lovely choices to pick from. Love the quilts - and your paintings are always wonderful. I like the garden corner too.

The book from the 70s is so interesting - great explanation of making quilts without spending so much money - and making memories. I have friends that spend upwards of 350.00 just for the quilt top fabrics, and then end up with expensive scraps because they buy more than the pattern calls for, "to be safe". And then most of them don't make scrappy quilts because the specialty fabrics they bought "don't match". I like the old fashioned way best myself.

Lila Rostenberg said...

Wow! Those expensive scraps could give US unlimited possibilities, LOL!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You look so beautiful in your close up. And your hair is always so pretty. Enjoy your week and all of the fun projects you are working on! I've been sewing up a storm and having fun! Your friend, Diane

Lila Rostenberg said...

Diane, (lavender. Dreamer) I visited your blogs and see that you have really been sewing...and things are for sale! Love it!

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