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Saturday, June 14, 2014

All it took was a look at this photo....


Emailed to me by my friend make me obsess on making this quilt for summer!

"Liberty Road" it is called....and you can get the pattern at Connecting Threads quilt shop (on line) or from Etsy.

The Google images of other quilt tops from this pattern are not plentiful...but there is this one...

So Gayle and I are both working on these flag quilts, hunting and sharing fabrics. Some from local shops some from the Internet And even some from our stashes!

I'll post some blocks once they are underway!

At the moment, I have finished the Sunday Morning quilt top...putting backing together now....

And I am deep into making blocks for this "Sweet Memories" quilt. I am making it much larger, big enough for a twin uses polka dot background fabrics and soft it!

These blocks get trimmed down to 8" squares...I need about 80!


These are perfect June days! Great to be alive days.....hard to stay inside days! We are going to the Tulsa zoo tomorrow for Father's Day ......hope this beautiful weather holds!

The garden has had plenty of rain lately, so the tomatoes are doing well! Here is the "indigo rose" tomato..

It is a new hybrid variety, I couldn't resist the name! I have never seen tomatoes line up in rows like this!

So shiny too! They will be almost black (indigo?) outside and deep red!

Hens and chicks plant from my same friend, Gayle is about to break out of the planter....yikes!

[I like to recycle my broken dishes into garden decor.....sign of a true pack rat? Or just a visual artist?]

The yellow snapdragons are wonderful now! They reseed too!

Back inside, I am working on a painting of my granddaughter, Nina, seeing the ocean for the first time....from a photo her mother took.

Painting is more mentally and emotionally demanding than I tend to take the easier route for my hobby....more sewing....sigh! Oh well, I'm definitely a fabriholic!



Stickhorsecowgirls said...

I LOVE that liberty quilt! I may have to try this myself! My granddaughter Julia, age 14, is going to begin a sewing class next week - hopefully if she has recovered from the whooping cough and pneumonia she caught from her toddler sister! We ALL had to take antibiotics and my husband and I had to get a shot! Julia seems to be really passionate about sewing - has been sewing up some little stuffed animals by hand and I am so impressed at how well they have turned out! I love your painting too! Is it acrylics that you are working with?

Lila Rostenberg said...

Vicki that would be great for you two to work on together!
Just enjoy making each block and eventually you will have a quilt top!

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

I love the quilts - what fun to work on a quilt with your friend. I did that one time - it was exciting and we both got good ideas from each other.

Oh the painting is wonderful. And the snapdragons - love them too. I guess my hen and chicks need to be in a bigger planter - they aren't doing well.

Lila Rostenberg said...

I have struggled with hens and chicks.
These I pretty much ignore ...even left them out for our winter...back against the house and they received no water for 4-5 months.
Then I set them out and rain has made them prosper.
I don't water them.

kathleen said...

I luv this flag quilt!

Lila Rostenberg said...

Kathleen, it definitely makes me think of you!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

The painting is really good my friend! And the Sunday morning quilt is all of the soft colors I love. It makes me want to snuggle up...even though it's bit warm right now. The Flag quilt will be beautiful, too. I love to sew but I've never made a quilt. I admire your talent and creativity. Enjoy your week! Hugs, your friend, Diane

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