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Sunday, June 01, 2014

A garden, a quilt and strawberry pink.....

The flowers along the driveway are really pretty today! We have had a rainy spring!

Knockout style roses and "Stella Dora" day lilies are neighbors to petunias and yarrow.

This thyme has been here many years and is doing well, I would never have imagined that it would develope a woody, branching interior!

A bush full of pink roses is just past peak bloom!

As I walk across the yard, I notice dramatic clouds moving across the sky.....

It seems I have little sunlight remaining next photo, of some pink lilies...the background has become so dark along with the sky!

In the backyard, I photograph my yellow snapdragons and pink strawberry plants. I think some other creatures are eating any strawberries that are developing.....



Just now, friend comes by, after a trip to northeast Arkansas, bringing us a quart of berries grown there!

Delightful! More flavorful than the big California and Florida berries, these are a real treat!

Here they are, with a quilt for which I am choosing a binding fabric, the strawberry pink fabric, on the chair arm, is my likely choice.

This is a "chunky", "scrappy" quilt with 5 inch pink red aqua and green squares set among Cath Kidson and Laura Ashley fabric scraps. It is quilted with big stitches using perle cotton in a deep pink shade!

Now to make some shortcake to go with the vanilla ice cream and beautiful strawberries!



Katkat said...

Beautiful pics. It is amazing to see everything growing and blooming. I'm always sad to see the last blooms of a flower, but am always thrilled to see new blooms on another plant--an ongoing show. Love the quilt!

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

The flowers are beautiful - the quilt lovely - the strawberries - oh I wish we had our strawberries - they should be ripe in about two weeks.

Lila Rostenberg said...

That is something to look forward to, JoAnn...the strawberries you are growing!
Ours disappear before,they ripen, but at least the flowers are fun!

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