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Monday, May 26, 2014

Oklahoma skies

Sunset tonight at my aunt's house, Cimmaron County, Oklahoma.


We came yesterday, stopping at Baker Cemetery in Texas County, to visit Mother's grave.

My brother and sister-in-law brought a wreath for the occasion.

The sky was dark and threatening, rain could be seen in the was chilly and windy too!

It is an old cemetery, some graves are even unmarked, from leaner, pioneer times!

The drought has really baked and blown this ground.....I was encouraged to see a few green blades fighting their way back! If only that rain WOULD come!

As we continued west, the skies cleared and warmer temperatures returned. We reached Felt, OK in time to see a wonderful sunset which painted even the other side of the sky a wonderful lavender.....


[ Looking east, not west, as the sun set.]


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Catching up on some sewing...

I really enjoy using this antique Singer 301! It has a beautiful stitch and after a bit do oil on a regular basis, it sews smoothly and quietly!

This horse print fabric is a shirt I am sewing for my sister......and this guitar print shirt is one I am making for a friend of hers....still needs the cuff buttons....

...those buttons are very special, skull and cross bones! Here is a closer look.

My sewing room remains a work in many bins of fabric....

...and unfinished projects.....(raggedy Andy here!).....and one of my other sewing machines! This one does zigzag as well as straight stitch...

Patterns and clothes for the grandchildren...

It seems for everything I finish, I then start two or three more!

Here is another view of the sewing room.....a serger and another machine....this one a Janome which has wonderful automatic buttonholes as well as decorative stitches!

Here is a new ribbon organizer/ shelf....from have more plans for this corner of the room. Perhaps colorful spools of thread on thread racks....

I'll be back with progress reports and "ta-da" moments as I finish some of these things!


Which reminds me I need a "Ta-Da" moment for my crocheted blanket...finished a few days ago.....after 99 granny squares were made, I decided to put it together with white yarn. 9 X 11 , 5" squares. A nice size and so soft, so colorful!

Love it!


Thursday, May 08, 2014

This new magazine says "spoil yourself" I am!

First of all, buying the magazine at Barnes and Nobles...from the Netherlands....$$$.

A couple of the pages...


It is raining so I shall relax and read this.....while my yogurt, granola, blueberry, sliced almond --in a bowl, lunch nourishes me! [ the " doctor's diet " says slim people without belly fat eat yogurt and nuts! I need that!]



Now, if I had the energy, I could paint this lovely vase of flowers which I picked in our yard, before the rain, this morning! Glad to have the rain for the garden!

More spoiling ..... I got a new purse, from a little shop on Main St. in Hardy, AR while driving through expensive reststop!

And at Ikea in Atlanta I picked up one of these aqua carts.....for my arts and crafts.....I have blogged about them before!

Just can't resist the aqua retro look!


Tuesday, May 06, 2014

The way home

Nice day on the road...I took some back roads in north Georgia. Saw historic town centers, got stuck behind a logging truck and was at last happy to find the Interstate hwy!
Now, I am resting in a nice motel, reading and taking a break from my iPad sketch...with my watercolors.

I have lots of good memories from being with my grandchildren.....

And with my daughter, Laura! Here we are outside Rosa Mexicana in midtown Atlanta, yesterday.

The weather stayed beautiful for my trip so far! One more day on the road and I'll be home and inspired to keep sewing, gardening and loving my life!

Monday, May 05, 2014

A few moments from Georgia!

Here comes the sun, this morning. View from Laura's family room. 6:30 EST.

Reflection on deck windows is better than just through the camera lens!

Getting lighter. Green is showing.....

After breakfast...a bright sunny day!

We have had a good time!
A friend from Arkansas, Tracie, has just moved here and came over. Here Tracie and the girls are making the angel food cake mix with crushed pineapple (1 can with juice), cake!

Older sister Lilia, is mending her jean shorts ....Nina watches. [my little Kenmore 1040 came with me!]

I gave the girls a box of special crayons...

Nina found out that she could remove the papers...

Yesterday, girls were helping water the container plants.....Nina showed up at the back door...( my camera was charging so I sketched)...

More later when certain photos are forwarded to me.
Off to the Ikea store this morning!

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