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Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Sunny and last!

Photos from around the neighborhood this afternoon...

Someone has a young tree in blossom and lovely tulips, too!
A tulip tree in full bloom behind a vine covered mail box....and a red bud "bonsai"?

Then a whole line of springtime bud, forsythia and daffodils! I like the shadow of the bare tree branches too!
At home, my little garden angel stands near a newly opened miniature iris...

And a group of "pink" daffodils.....see the peach/apricot tones in the trumpets?
My main goal on this walk was to get a photo of this old reference while I add a truck to the foreground of this watercolor....again, I see shadows of bare tree limbs.....
Here is the aqua truck to add to the art work....

Back later with results....? Hopefully!
Meanwhile some of my grandchildren are on spring break at the Florida.
Little Nina looking at the big ocean...... by my daughter ( whom I recall finding the beach at the same age...)

This little mermaid is now a travel agent. Find her at !

[I just posted some of my quilting history to my quilt blog...1980's Scrapbook  ]

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