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Sunday, February 23, 2014

February, Romance and Mr. P in the bedroom...not what you think!

February is always a romantic time...our wedding anniversary and Valentine's day are in the middle of the month. Today, my tulip bulbs are blooming beautifully!

Not as pretty as the tulips....but timely,....Mr. P bought us this appliance after watching numerous TV ads...we had an Oreck vacuum, but nothing like this...

It would not be romantic to say this SHARK vacuum is an anniversary gift.....41 years now! Though it did come about the day of our anniversary.

Time now, to re-energize the house, one room at a time! Deep clean....first the furniture comes out...up and down the hall it waits.....

I can't move the bed.

But the bed is great to pile other things on, temporarily.....(I think I should give most of this away....I have TOO MUCH!). I will keep the quilts of course!!! Artwork in the walls is mine...



This vacuum is powerful, it has attachments for blinds, ceiling fans, walls, baseboards. I set to work, amazed at how much dust we had been sleeping near! (Yes, you can see the dirt accumulate in the canister!) Before long, Mr. P was caught up in the project....

The ceiling fan.......and under the bed!

A good tool, that SHARK!


It even cleaned the louvered closet doors!

But, cleaning inside the closet....that will be another day, soon!

Now down to sew quilt blocks....!

Oh, and because inquiring minds want to see.....the same window sill which had the tulips, now supports the lucite dust cup....with what we vacuumed out of there!

Mr. P gets the job of emptying this into the outdoor trash bin!

How romantic is that?

[note: this shows how much can be missed with an inefficient vacuum, and just vacuuming what was exposed....getting all that furniture out and really cleaning was amazing!]

"The dust is Buddha too!" --- Gary Thorp in SWEEPING CHANGES

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Blogsy was set from another post.....I accidentally posted today's post on my quilt blog.

Pop over HERE to read.....sorry!!!

Off to work now!


Tuesday, February 04, 2014


I have another passtime, hobby,!

Like a teenager, I do SMASH books! [These are from K&Co.]

Here are 5 in a basket!

I was inspired to store them this way by a photo I came across in WHERE WOMEN CREATE, winter 2014 issue.


These are in a cart from IKEA ( which also comes in white).....

----------I may "need" this cart for other things!----------YES?


Here are some pages of the SMASH journals I keep.

Grandbabies, last year!

Mother's Day 2012, a wonderful photo and a special card!


My hubby, Mr. P ( he objected to being called Mr. Pear in this blog....we all have our quirks!) following his bliss, gardening.

And my most recent SMASH book is devoted , for the most part, to my quilting. Here I am makin g plans for a very small hexagon quilt featuring the Eiffel Tower fabric in the center of the diamond.

The sleet and snow keep coming down.....give me scissors and glue....!!!


Sunday, February 02, 2014

Definitely winter here! Snowy Sunday!

One hour into the snowy day....

Several hours later, still snowing!

A good day to bake the "Impossible Pie". The original recipe uses Bisquick but I substituted gluten free pancake mix.

Will have a photo soon.....when it comes out of the oven! Meanwhile back to my knitting basket....working on a cowl knitted from NORO "King" sock yarn...mohair, wool, silk and acrylic. Hand dyed effect...loving the colors!

I just reached the PINK part of the yarn!

Another favorite winter passtime, with beautiful flowers and gardens....and nice "granny chic" clothing, is watching the BBC mystery series, "Rosemary and Thyme". Lovely!

The pie is out of the oven now! Once it cools and "sets", we will have some with some tea!

As you can see, even with the gluten free changes, the crust ended up on the bottom! Impossible!

Yummy, too!


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