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Monday, December 09, 2013

Still snowed in!

Icicles and snowy backyard!

The east side yard...

7 inches with ice below...

I sewed this apron over the weekend....went to work ( Steve drove me) Saturday but they sent me home as there were no customers!

Tree is decorated! And I am ready to sew at the breakfast table today...why try to heat the downstairs studio?

My little Singer featherweight sewing machine will be just fine for this project! Making dresses for the twins...I have had the dresses cut out and ready to sew for a month now. It is good to have the time and space to finish them!

I'm also sewing some hooded bath towels for them, larger than those I made when they were infants!


also trying to trace down a large sum of money which the federal reserve seems to have taken from Mom's estate bank account... !!!!



Anonymous said...

Hi, Lila. It is nice to see your enterprising spirit undaunted by the weather. Very inspirational!



Lila Rostenberg said...

Thanks, Maria!
I guess I'll sew tomorrow too , then back to work on Wednesday.

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