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Monday, November 04, 2013

Super grandma crashes

My drive to Georgia was pleasant and I was entertained by a recorded book as well as the lovely countryside! I did notice my left leg and back being uncomfortable after sitting several hours. I took breaks to walk flea hurry. I broke the drive into 2 days.
Arriving Tuesday just as the almost 6 year old grandson hopped off the school bus, the timing was perfect!
Hugs and joy! Then upstairs to peek in the nursery where the twins were stirring after their naps! So adorable and huggable! I swept one up and soon hugged her sister. They have grown! More hair, more words...sentences now, and not just imperative commands! So fun!

After supper they head for the bath tub, suds and fun! Sophie and her brother could splash and squirm for hours, but Nina feels safer above their horseplay!

Soon, it's time to lift them out and wrap in cuddly towels. Off to find pj's and tuck in! ( a bedtime story of "Pumpkin Moonshines" by Tasha Tudor was offered! but they were too excited to sit and listen! )
Halloween evening, they were ready...not sure what it is all about, but to the neighborhood party.... "The Shadow" about to put on his black head covering.....

And the girls, Sophie a rescue puppy, and Nina a grass fed cow....

After dark, back home to check their candy! Wow!

Somehow, I overdid it! My back went "out"'.....still is not back to normal. So I've been resting and even resorted to spending yesterday, 6
The Emory university John's Creek ER......rested there for sure, watching hours of cooking channel, in bed, not moving! Finally, they let me leave with 2 Rx's...pain reliever and muscle relaxer. I am staying in bed and napping today...but thinking of knitting a scarf...

This is strange yarn, but YouTube has a video of how to knit with It will take time, but eventually, I'll be able to drive back home!
This gorgeous row of trees were photographed yesterday by my DH, Steve, and sent over for my enjoyment!

Being "stuck" here, I am missing some beautiful maple tree color on top of Mount Sequoyah in Fayetteville ....
Thankfully, daughter Laura is a good caretaker, she stayed with me in the ER all yesterday!
On the way home from the ER, we went to a Persian grocery store where she got ingredients for this Pomegranate Walnut Chicken the crock pot now...yum!

With basmati rice of course!
Now back to napping.....oh, I guess not, grandson Bindley is sorting his Halloween candy nearby.....maybe a piece wouldn't hurt me....?


JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

What fun, but what a shame your back went out. The kids are darling and I love how the candy was laid out end to end. Hope you are better very soon. Can't wait to see the scarf, that is interesting yarn.

Lila Rostenberg said...

Thanks Joann!!

I will be more careful with my back in the future!

Annie said...

Love the moment to moment account of your visit with the kidlets. It was almost like being there myself. Sweet times.

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