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Monday, October 28, 2013


I'm driving to my daughter, Laura's home in Georgia...staying overnight at a motel in Alabama.....entertaining myself with the iPad camera, watercolor pencils, paints and sketch pad.

So why not try a self portrait!?!

Snap a photo in the bathroom mirror here in the motel....

Then play with different effects and filters....I like this one...sort of a blue haze....

Now, looking at the iPad screen,........try a watercolor sketch......

Once the sketch is here in the blog, I can see it even better....I know what's wrong...but we are shooting for an impression....not a photograph ( we already have that!) ...for one thing, there is no way could I paint that shiny nose!!! LOL!

As I sit here with paints and cup of water and cup of guessed it, the paint brush dips into the decaf by why not paint a little coffee into the picture, with coffee on the brush. OOOps!

Tomorrow, the grandkids!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!



gma said...

Oh I have mistakenly dipped my brush into coffee before too. LOL
Nice selfies. Enjoy your time with family. My best good wishes to all.

Annie said...

Thumbs up to a good time with all.

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Oh fun - you always inspire me to get out my paints. Enjoy those grandbabies.

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