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Monday, September 23, 2013

Welcome Wonderful Autumn! Projects for today....

Yesterday, two friends and I set out to visit our mutual friend, Lizzie, in Carthage, Mo.

A lovely "small town America" destination!

Above is the courthouse.....the town has many Victorian houses from it's glory days when zinc mines brought wealth and made millionaires.

Later, Route 66 added to the retro charm of the area!

However, we weren't there for those points of interest, more just to hang out and visit, to sit around Liz's living room catching up with each other's news, to "do lunch", to have tea and homemade coconut cream pie...! Our time there did include a trip to a flea market, and a couple of purchases!

First, another silver ring,....not sure what the stone is....dark amber in color. What can I say? It just caught my eye and now is on my hand! LOL!

Today, I will put these hands to work on a couple of projects....chalk painting this chair, ( my other purchase from the flea market, yesterday) and quilting this scrappy little quilt! ( made from leftovers from a "real quilt")

Back with finished project photos soon.....ha!

Here, on a different chair, is my little wid quilt. A thread scribble! It would be cute in the center of a table, or on a wall! Now to get it on ETSY!


It is uneven, unbound--I used lots of zig-zag stitching with variegated thread as an edging. Free-motion machine quilted with red variegated thread. Love it!


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