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Thursday, September 19, 2013

My messy be it!

Someday I hope to get this sewing studio under control.....but for now, every time I start to organize and put things away, I am sidetracked by the urgency of some project! AND I have a lot of projects. they are my addiction....

Here is a quilt for my six month old great nephew....waiting for my machine quilting (on my antique Singer) and then the black striped fabric will be the binding!

This beautiful 2 yard floral fabric will be cut into long strips while I insert the pieced strips of "Chinese Coins" in fabrics which loosely coordinate with the blue and red floral! This quilt top will be about 60x72 when finished.

Below, sewing machine table with piles of scraps, and the plastic tubs into which they SHOULD be separated by color and size....hmmm....

Over on the cutting table I have pulled out ( from its cubby hole) fleece remnants, buttons and the pattern to make 2 small cuddly jackets...soon!!!!

The mess and projects don't end in the sewing room...

At the moment our living area is cleared out for a painter to do the ceilings.....which means lots of stuff now sitting out here in the art studio! Including this set of old nesting tables which may need to be "chalk painted" in a deep dusty aqua from Martha Stewart. A color called.......

" Hummingbird Blue" !

Now, I have to MAKE myself leave this creative madness and get to yoga class! I NEED it!

because In our mailbox today after class , i will find even more wonderful possibilities.....several yards of fabric by Kaffe Fassett ! [I found them in sale with CRAFTSY!]


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