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Saturday, August 31, 2013

A country garden!

Visiting my brother and SIL in Clark County, AR.

This morning, we (Marica and I) strolled around the house looking at her world. She has a very green thumb!

Busy chickens, kept safe from varmints!

Last night's moonflower.....

You can see the Hollis and Marica are deer and turkey hunters!

Everything is used to decorate the many flower and plant beds!

Marica showing me her "sweet olive" tree. It does not bear olives, but is fragrant!

The newly rebuilt front porch, below.

View of the pasture north of the house.

Morning glories!

Turkey feathers and garden spade, perhaps this will be part of a still life painting .....

My art journal sketch of the garden.

Dogs guarding the back door!

Welcoming wreath!


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