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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Have been quilting..that is making tops!

Several are from a book called Sunday Morning Quilts. They use strips or scraps of my fabric stash....I love quilts with lots of fabrics more than ones where the same fabrics are repeated block by block, 30 times!


This soft quilt is called "Sunday Morning", it is a "low volume" quilt.....quiet, shhhhh, it is Sunday morning.


Now, ready to machine quilt is this one with bright cheddar yellow, aqua and lime. Love how scrappy it is too!

This may be the next quilt top I do.....easy but interesting!



I am so excited because I am going to an art workshop! Acrylic painting with Annie Tagg!

Here is a wonderful painting which Annie did called " Wanderlust", didn't she just capture the feeling?

It reminds me of my daughter, Laura, who is a travel agent. However, Laura could only have a quiet moment like this in a far away hotel home, when she pauses for a moment on her bed, four children soon find her and are climbing up to join her! So many blessings, but it does cause those wanderlust moments to be real....we used to say, "Calgon, take me away!", from the TV commercial!


The project of the day.......


To carry some of my art supplies to the workshop, I am up cycling a old picnic basket from the flea market.

I just painted the lid black ( not for a chalkboard though I thought about it ...) and have a remnant of decorator burlap with a French theme to use on the sides......good- bye retro basket!

Now to see how those paints, brushes etc. can fit! I do have a supply list to help me know what to bring to the workshop!


1 comment:

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Oh I love the quilts - and what a fun basket to carry your art supplies in - hope the class is as fabulous as possible.

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