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Sunday, June 09, 2013

Family Reunion Fun!

Greetings from Oklahoma!!!

Most of these photos were taken by my nephew yesterday! we are in the most northwest corner of the Oklahoma panhandle, Lake Etling in Black Mesa State Park...


I did take this photo of my Aunt Ruby and Uncle Don making homemade ice cream before the picnic!


Bringing homemade vanilla ice cream to family events is a real tradition here!

Now for the photos. This area has had a drought for several years, but the night before the picnic a nice rain fell and filled the lake and the stream here overflowed it's banks, creating lots of wonderful mud by the time our grandkids began to explore!

Here two, 5-year-old cousins are having some wonderful times, as little boys have for centuries!


Even grown up boys revert to their wild ways son-in-law jumping from the cliffs.....

Yes, he survived! Which is good as he has a family depending on him!


As the hours passed, the energy got even wilder.....and my grandson (with help) covered himself with the gray volcanic mud.....a true transformation! Thank goodness there were showers available nearby and clean-up was possible!

I'll add more photos as they become available!



JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

What wonderful fun, and memories.

gma said...

Wonderful. Life is good!
Nothin' like family reunion time.

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