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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The last day of Enchanting April brings hope!

These are the containers from last summer's failed and frustrating attempt to grow tomatoes.

So SAD! Gray and brown and weeds taking over already!

Today was glorious, and finally the time to make a change in the pots.....planning to do flowers this year...easier! Fewer fungus and insect problems!

So, off to the garden center.....fill the backseat of the car.....

...African daisies with purple centers, snapdragons, marigolds, lavender, basil, rosemary, tarragon.
I feel I am having a Rosemary and Thyme  sort of day!  Birdsong is all around!

Pull out the old plants and with the new....(of course, I know that it is better to use fresh soil....but too hard to find a place of all of the soil in these pots and then $$$$$ to replace....).  Recycling is it is worth a try!

What kind of fertilizer do you like for your flowers and vegetables?

These flowers and plants will look great for at least a few days ( Our daughter Laura is coming from Georgia to see her grandmother.  Mom is in long term care and hospice is helping us now.) and the flowers and vegetables may even thrive and make my summer more joyful!
 We are expecting cool weather again in a few days....the snapdragons should like that!

I also  gambled on some vegetables, 4 cucumber plants, one "Merlot" sweet purple bell pepper, and one "old German" tomato.....we'll see!
Now, to read the booklet from hospice on the stages of dying.  Interesting, and. Like Rosemary Boxer and Laura Thyme, pour myself a glass of wine!
I am also sewing when I have energy.  This is the string quilt with selvage strips on which I have been working!
Oh, and several knitting projects have come along too!  later a post on those!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Costumes in Mr. Selfridge

Aisling Loftus is the actress who plays Agnes Towler, one of my favorite characters in the BBC drama "Mr. Selfridge".

I love the costumes! Glamorous and opulent....but my heart was caught by one which only appears briefly, whenever shop girl Agnes is in her humble home!  It is her "pinny", the Edwardian apron in the print with roses.

I Googled  "Aisling Loftus images" until I found it!

And learned that the same costume had been used in an earlier production of "The Secret Garden"!
I'm glad that costumes are used more than once!
Now to sew some sweet floral dresses for my granddaughters, for spring!

April quilt show

We had our local guild quilt show 10 days ago.  It was fun!
Above a bright Lone Star quilt by Paula Mariedaughter, marks the edge of a display of many 8 pointed star quilts.....

Rustic doll beds and chairs were included!

This was my favorite crib quilt, by Adele Atha!

This is a fun quilt which I made and machine quilted.  Mother sewed on the binding before her stroke. Of course, that makes it special to me now!
[I have several more photos of my quilts....but I swear, Windows 8 photo gallery is hiding them!  I can find and edit them in the gallery, but when I go to upload them, they won't appear.
Back later IF I can find where they are!!!!]
 SUCCESS, after a nap, they seem to be here.....LOL!

Above, sold to my good friend Lizzie, is "Victory Garden", based on the British flag.  The quilt pattern by that name can be found and purchased here !
This applique quilt from "Piece O Cake" designs was a block of the month from 1994. The setting with the colorful diamonds and prairie point edge are my ideas. This is hand applique and hand quilted by myself!

Here is a small quilt with many pieces, The Fonthill Quilt is a pattern from Kaffe Fassett. It is machine pieced and hand-quilted by me!

Mostly solids, this is a contemporary quilt which I machine pieced using improvisational techniques...that is chunk it together and cut down to the correct block size! Machine pieced and machine quilted ( with colorful bright variegated thread and lots of points-in the lattice- and circles-on the blocks!)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Seamstress

A painting reflecting how I spend some of my time ["The Seamstress" by Stanley Reed, 1941.  From Karen's lovely blog!] This period painting reminds me of the current "Call the Midwife" show. I love seeing the antique (now) sewing machine too!

Here are the twin granddaughters wearing the Easter dresses which I sewed for them and delivered in person last month! Nina Kate and Sophie Jane on Easter morning!

However, sewing and quilting aside.....right now it is time for real spring cleaning, as I have out-of-state family coming this weekend. Not only cleaning, but toddler-proofing! Grandson Wes (below) is coming! Whoo-pee!


I have not been blogging as often as I once did!  We have had many things going on, mostly Mom not bouncing back (at almost 90 this year, it is understandable) and now in long term care. Much time has been spent going through boxes looking for significant, important papers, and finding ways to fund the long term care...($6,000/month).
I hope she will recognize some of the family who are coming to see her this weekend!  They included her latest great grandson, my grandnephew, Mark, who was born on March 7!  I can't wait to meet him!

Here is Mark in his mother's arms just before his baptism!

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