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Saturday, January 05, 2013

Nothing but problems here with Blogger!

I have photos and artwork to share, but the gadget which lets me access my Windows photo albums (in other words, everything I put on this computer to use in the blog) has gone missing.  I have checked back.  I have made sure that I have "Upgraded to the New Blogger"......still no photos to use!

So,  I am more frustrated than ever.....and if I continue blogging, it may be with another server. Blogging used to be so easy and fun!

I must find a photo to  use.....I think I can use anything which is already in the blog.....we will see!.....

This did work, a collage posted a couple of years ago..... but how do I get new photos to use as I journal through the days of this new year???

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JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

I've heard from time to time that others have had problems with blogger - sorry to hear you are in that group - hope it gets resolved.

I simply load my photos from the folders where I put the photos when I am editing them of content (discarding the bad focus, etc) right from my hard drive.

I do like your watercolor - so happy to see when someone does art.

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